The Magicians Shocker: Why This Key Character Is Leaving the Show

Goodbye to you, [SPOILER]. Yes, The Magicians said goodbye to [SPOILER]. And this is your last warning.

In the season four finale, Quentin (Jason Ralph) sacrificed himself to save his friends. And yes, he’s really dead and Ralph is leaving the show. On a show like The Magicians, that has to be specified.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Sera Gamble revealed plans were hatched for Ralph to exit and Quentin to die at the end of season three.

“We had a wonderful creative conversation about Quentin’s arc as a character throughout the series, and where the end of that arc might be. [John McNamara] and [Henry Alonso Myers] and I tend to take very seriously ideas that scare us, and this is a creatively scary idea,” Gamble said.

Gamble consulted The Magicians author Lev Grossman who said the idea was intriguing to him and he started pitching ideas for how this would impact the other characters. “So we realized that we were onto something,” Gamble said.

McNamara said the decision for Ralph to exit came out of a meeting between producers and Ralph.

“We felt like this character’s journey was coming to an end. I could feel it in my bones and Jason felt the same way. Quentin came in with a very specific purpose and a very specific set of life goals and challenges, and in a way, I’m not sure what we would have done with the character had he lived. It felt like the major question in his life is, ‘Is my life truly worth living? Was it a good thing that I didn’t succeed in killing myself at 15 or 18?’ He now has that answer: he mattered to these other people, and their lives are never going to be the same for knowing him,” McNamara said.

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Ahead of the final season, Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards announced her exit in a poem of sorts.

“Felicity and I
are a very tight two
But after one through seven
we will be saying goodbye to you,” she wrote.

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